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Our Farm

Growing Vegetables Responsibly

Since 1898

At Deer Run Farms, we farm using both organic and conventional practices. We use compost and cover crops to protect our soil. We do soil testing and have developed our own fertility program which is specific to the crops we grow. We use both organic and conventional crop protectants to grow our vegetables. We have also participated with Cornell University on research projects.

Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, growing the freshest, safest, and healthiest produce we can for you.  


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Our Family History

Where it All Began

Bob Nolan's great grandfather Cord Lohmann came over from Germany and started the family farm in 1898 on a nine-acre plot in Middle Village, Queens. Vegetables were grown all year round - lettuce, carrots and radishes were some to name a few. In the winter time, these crops were grown in cold frames - the concept being the same as a mini greenhouse. In 1926, the farmland was sold for housing, so Cord was forced to move the operation east to Valley Stream in Nassau County. At this time, Cord's son Herman began helping on the farm. 


In 1930, the farmland once again was sold for development, forcing another move east - this time to Bethpage. Herman continued the family business here for about 20 years with his son, Henry. In 1952, one final move would land the family farm in the Hamlet of Brookhaven. Henry continued the tradition here, and eventually took over the 30 acre farm with the help of his nephew, Bob. Since then, Bob took over the business in 2001 with his wife Janet, son Samuel and daughter, Valerie. They hope to continue the family tradition for many generations to come.

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